David's Demo Ride Experience

As CPF Cycle is now officially open, we decided to lend out a pair of our 36mm rim brake wheelsets to a acquaintance of ours, David over the long weekend to give us an honest opinion on how they felt in real road conditions. The below comments were not edited or paid for by CPF Cycle. Please enjoy below! 

I have a few observations but first I want to let you know that I am coming from the perspective of a middle-aged guy who rides for fun, fitness, and personal bests on the occasional Strava segment. I don’t race or compete in any way. 

Also, I already have a very good set of mid depth carbon wheels. I honestly can’t say if your wheels are any more aerodynamic, lighter, or stiffer than what I already have.

That said, I did make a few observations from the rides.

The first thing I noticed when I put them on my bike was that the rim width is much wider than mine. That definitely fits the recent trend of wider internal rim widths to give a better rim/tire interface for better aerodynamics.

Another thing I noticed early on the first ride was the very good braking performance. They give a lot of confidence. I have tried a few different carbon wheelsets and these are probably the best in terms of braking.

I can’t produce buckets of power in a sprint or a climb, but I am 86kg so if wheels are squishy, I will certainly be able to make them rub against brake pads. I got out of the saddle a few times on 10% gradients and even with the pads set very close to the rims, I didn’t notice any flex in the rims.

I’m not averse to some fast corners... no complaints with how the wheels performed there. Those GP5000’s are fantastic tires and seem to work well with these rims.

I have to mention aesthetics... because, let’s face it, that’s why guys like me buy them. The stealthy black ones you lent me look good on the bike. Having the option for some coloured accents would expand the appeal. They also make that cool noise once you hit 35kph.

Overall, a fine set of wheels. After I rode them, I went online to see if anyone with far more experience and talent than me had tried them out. The brand seems to get generally positive reviews.

So those are my thoughts. Thanks again for the opportunity to try them out.